"2012 China (Shanghai) international packaging products


In order to promote the rapid development of the packaging industry in China, we comply with the national "12th Five-Year plan" for the packaging industry to "speed up the development of advanced packaging equipment, speed up the development of new packaging materials, speed up the development of high-end packaging products", at the same time, there is not yet a change of domestic products and materials for the exhibition professional exhibition. The present situation is sponsored by Meihua media group, Shanghai Meihua Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Mei Hua Advertising Co., Ltd., global packaging and Publishing Co., Ltd., and has been supported by the China Packaging Association Paper Products Committee, International Plastics chamber of Commerce and more than 20 provinces and cities Packaging Technology Association. 2012 China (Shanghai) international packaging products and materials exhibition will be opened in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center in October 30th.

This exhibition has attracted more than 100 domestic, international brand packaging and material production enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition area is more than 8000 square meters. The exhibits cover paper products packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and various new packaging materials. It covers food safety packaging, green packaging, and products which are widely concerned. Anti-counterfeit packaging and so on. China Shengda packaging group, Jiangsu greencheng Group Li Cheng packing, Jingxing paper industry shares, Takashi trade (Shanghai), Changzhou Jichun packaging group, Zhejiang integrity packaging, Hangzhou Xinguang plastic, Changzhou Shang long industry, Wuxi explosive packaging materials, Dongguan iron Shenghui tin making, Dongguan City Jingli tin making, brocade printing ( Shenzhen, Qing Lei (Shanghai) anti-counterfeit technology and other packaging fields of brand enterprises have entered the "2012 China (Shanghai) international packaging products and materials exhibition", and will show its latest packaging products, materials and technology.

In addition, "2012 China (Shanghai) International Packaging and materials exhibition" will also hold a three day forum in the same period. The forum will cover more than 10 hot topics such as industry status, development trend, new anti-counterfeiting technology, innovation and development, and the "2012 China package creative design contest award winning works" will also be displayed. It will give you a good eye. Multi faceted combination, to create a unique packaging event.

It is estimated that more than 20000 packaging managers from food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical and electronics industries will come to the exhibition for three days.

I believe this exhibition will play a role in pushing China from packaging power to packaging power.

The international cosmetics manufacturing magazine will also participate in the international exhibition of international packaging and materials, and the international cosmetics manufacturing magazine is the largest daily media group in Shanghai. It is the largest daily chemical media group in China at 360 degrees. It is expected that the international packaging and materials exhibition of Shanghai will also have fresh blood into the exhibition, and the cosmetic industry with high relevance to the packaging industry will also be closely aware of the event.

2012 China (Shanghai) International Packaging and material exhibition is the only professional exhibition with packaging, packaging and packaging services as the main part of the country. It has not only packed all kinds of paper, plastic, metal, glass and so on. The organizers have also held a three day packaging forum in the same period as well as "2012". The exhibition of award-winning works of the national packaging creative design competition will create a spectacular package event.

The three day packaging forum will cover more than 10 packaging hot topics, including packaging status, packaging development trend, new packaging technology, metal packaging, flexible packaging and so on.  Mr. Zhang Yaoquan, vice president of the China Packaging Federation, will analyze the present situation of China's packaging and understand the future development of packaging in accordance with the policy of China's packaging industry first included in the 12th Five-Year planning of China's economic development, and point out the basic ideas for the future development of the Chinese packaging industry from a macro perspective; the largest metal packaging production enterprise in China. The relevant experts of grain packaging group will explain the transformation of China's metal packaging and the future development trend of metal packaging from a unique perspective. How can China's flexible packaging industry achieve better development? Industry experts will tell you that safety, beauty and environmental protection will be the development mission of flexible packaging. How does the brand prevent counterfeiting? How can the packaging be innovative? Can plastic bags be automated for re sealing? How can the thin wall plastic cup be printed on the surface? How to use the drawing technology to the new packaging... These doubts can be found in this forum. In October 31st, the "2012 China packaging technology innovation and Sustainable Development Forum" is rich in content. Here, you can not only understand the latest packaging material development technology, understand the real needs of packaging brand merchants, grasp the packaging solution cost optimization method, you can also contact the well-known experts in the packaging industry at zero distance. To discuss the hot topics in the packaging industry.

The exhibition organizers provide you with the perfect service. You can not only listen to the wonderful forum speech, but also enjoy a visual feast - 2012 China Packaging creative design contest award winning works. By observing the award winning work of this high standard, high starting point and national level competition, I believe you can learn from your product packaging improvement.