The breakthrough of packaging design is the core of enhancing brand competitiveness.


Core tips: folding program design, cutting, indentation, slotting, single molding, stretching, folding, display, portable and easy to use for industrial production.

It is suitable for industrial production of folding program design, cutting, indentation, slotting, one molding, open, folding, display, portable and easy to use.

The proper and practical structure of the special-shaped folding carton structure and the novelty and novelty of its appearance become an important factor for businesses to enhance their product and brand market competition. The new paper packaging will break through the limitations of the previous paper packaging, give full play to the advantages of the good physical properties of paper and the applicability of printing, fully display the features of the capacity, protection, convenience, display, beauty and economic applicability of paper packaging, increase the added value of the product, and improve the sales capacity.

The design of special-shaped packing box should be carefully considered from production to recovery including processing technology, storage and transportation environment, marketing display, consumption use and recycling. The technical requirements and functional requirements of each link are the main basis for packing box design. These key box forming factors are interrelated and interrelated, requiring designers to conduct in-depth research. Folding cartons also require the preparation of similar system design.

This type of box can draw on the modeling method of origami art, and create exquisite and unique paper packaging three-dimensional.  Bending, folding, winding, cutting, interspersing, engaging, indentation, extension, insertion, paste, connection, encircling, and auxiliary tools are the forming foundations of paper packing. Line type and volume are the appearance features of paper form. The shape language of paper is integrated with the paper packing structure, and the effect and function of the cutting line, folding line, plane and hollow surface of paper material are made up to make the structure beautiful to beautify the goods. Based on the feasible paper processing technology, the structure of sealing and sealing, opening window, lifting hand, wall and other functional packaging are carefully designed to save materials, reduce cost and storage and transportation, and facilitate the use of customers' consumption.